Friday, September 2, 2011

What would international adoption be without some unexpected twists? Especially in Ukraine!

This may be a little redundant for those in the adoption world but I will go ahead and explain for those family and friends who are not all too familiar.

Just before the July closure here in Ukraine they passed a new law that stated only children over 5 could be adopted by foreigners or those under 5 with certain special needs. They came up with a very short list(which will hopefully be expanded soon to include many more) and down syndrome is on the list. As the closure neared they decided to keep adoptions open for those with special needs and children over 5 while they restructure their adoption program.

Just a few weeks before we arrived there was a family here, also from Reece's Rainbow, who is adopting a boy with mosaic down syndrome. Their adoption was denied because the judge said mosaic down syndrome was not on the approved special needs list. This in itself is just ridiculous because down syndrome is down syndrome and this child will still face the same institutionalized future if not adopted. This family is now appealing and prayerfully will be allowed to still adopt.

Fast forward a couple weeks and we are now approaching our Sept. 5th court date. We got a call late this afternoon from our facilitator that the state department of adoptions will not issue our approval for court because they are afraid of the same thing happening with our case as the other family. This is just plain silly to me as Ivy does not even have the diagnoses of mosaic anywhere in her file. We fall directly under the law so this should not even be an issue. Yet some how it is.

First this family's adoption was denied, currently one family is being held up(ready to come home with 2 sweet ones but cant) due to some medical issues that just shouldn't be happening, and then our situation. The enemy just can not stand that precious lives are being rescued. It eats away at him and he is trying to put every road block and opposition in our way. We already know God wins, we just need to carry on in prayer.

So what this all means is that best case scenario we will have to reschedule court, and hopefully that can happen very soon. Worst case is we have to come home without Ivy until they resolve this issue and we can continue on with the rest of the process. We absolutely do not want to have to leave Ivy and draw this process out. We need things to be resolved and quickly. We have already been gone from our kids for 3 weeks with another 3 weeks left if things can quickly be resolved. I just cant imagine being gone any longer. :o(

Please pray for mountains to be moved, confusion to be resolved, and babies to come home!


  1. We are praying especially for you and the other families there now. And I have to say that Ivy is so, SO adorable and sweet! I pray she can go home with you soon! :)