Sunday, September 11, 2011

court, no court, court, no court......court?

This is a little late, but once again our court date has been moved. For the last time I pray. We got a call from our facilitator last Wednesday that the approval letter she received last Monday(confused?) was not actually an approval, it was just a letter. The letter stated that the SDA was "OK" with our adoption but did not approve it. We could have taken that to court and it would have been at the judges discretion whether or not to allow us to adopt Ivy. They all agreed it would have been too risky because of the judge we were given. So, court was moved back - 9 days. This time I cried. If you only had 9 days left on earth, that's not a long time. If you only had 9 days to pack up and move, that's not a long time. If you tried to plan a wedding in 9 days, that's not a long time. If you are away from your children, family, and home, 9 days is a long time. As our timeline goes now, we will be in country for 7 weeks. That is a long time.

I do know though that God operates on perfect time, whether long or short. There are perfect reasons for His perfect time and we must learn to trust and be patient.

We were told everything should be resolved on Monday and our approval letter should be issued then. As of now court is scheduled for Friday the 16th. This would put our gotcha day on Tuesday the 27th and home the weekend of the 1st. What a sweet reunion that will be!

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