Monday, May 30, 2011


I don't believe in coincidences. I know that I know that I know that we are doing what God has called us to do. It's nice to have confirmations along the way though.

Saturday night there were 8 of us out to dinner at a Chinese restaurant. Rob picked his fortune cookie and it said The rainbows treasures will soon belong to you.


There are many more beautiful treasures on Reece's Rainbow just waiting to be scooped up. Advocate, pray for, donate funds, pick one!!

Like Artem

Or Nellie

I would take them all if possible! They are worthy to be loved, praised, adored.....chosen.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Just a quick update....

Things are crazy busy around here lately! Lots of end of the year activities combined with a fundraiser = ahhhhh!

The first wonderful, awesome, exciting thing is that we raised $2000 in our auction held last week!! I was hoping for just $1000 but God in His amazing provisions doubled it!

Second, we were able to get our finger prints done for immigration approval this morning. For those not familiar with the process, that means once this clears we can send our paperwork and be issued a travel date! We will be finishing up the last of our paper work in the next couple weeks and hopefully will be getting our immigration approval around the same time.

This is becoming more real, folks!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Details, details...

The auction is getting close! I hope everyone has had time to review all the gorgeous items and think about what you just have to have! MOST items are ready to ship, those that are not the contact information of the vendor will be given to the winner. Each item will state if it is a ready to ship or not. Remember all payments are tax deductible so not only are you getting a tax deduction you are helping to bring Ivy HOME!

Each item will be auctioned off separately on Ellie Bellie Design's facebook fan page. All auctions will start Wednesday the 11th at 6:00 pm pacific time and run 48 hrs - ending Friday at 6:00 pm pacific time.

To join in on the fun just add your bid amount and email under the photo of the item you wish to bid on. For those vendors who donated more than one item and have all items in one picture, there will be a corresponding number by the item - when bidding just put the item number next to your bid.


#1 $15

Shipping will be combined for anyone winning more than one auction. Winners will be contacted after the auction with specific details on how to pay. If you have any questions you can leave them here under the comments section or email me at

I want to thank all of the vendor's once again for participating and to all those who participate. Each dollar donated is so very much appreciated. Together we can bring Ivy home - no longer an orphan but a much loved daughter!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Photography Prop Fundraiser for Ivy!

I want to first thank all the amazing talented vendors who are donating their time and talents to help bring Ivy home. It means more than I can express to know that people who do not know me or my family would take the time to be apart of this. I also want to thank my BFF Lisa from Ellie Bellie Design for putting this together and caring so much for Ivy already! Thank you, thank you, thank you, EVERYONE!

Second, all payments will be tax deductible. Reece's Rainbow, the ministry we are going through, is a non profit organization and is able to accept donations on our behalf. ALL monies donated through their website will go directly to us and benefits you by being tax deductible :o) The winners will be contacted with instructions at auctions end. If anyone else feels lead to help bring Ivy home, their is a donation box on the right of the blog.

Ok, now to the good stuff! Here is a list of all vendors and the item/items they have donated:

After the Bump - Newborn Bunny Hat

SweetPeaToadTots - Newborn Little Lamb for Her

The Knitting Bitty - Newborn Lace Mohair hat - without jewel

Pumpkin Pie Photography - 1 hr. skype mentoring session

Fresh Outta the Oven - Newborn Pom Pom Earflap hat

SweetLove Creates - Newborn Caterpillar Set

Stellar Stitches - Newborn Set of 3

Ellie Bellie Design - Newborn Koala Hat

JuJuBee's & Co - Newborn Birthstone Set, Newborn Vanilla Delight Cream Headband, Newborn Plum Delicious Felt Lollipop Headband, Newborn Strawberry Pink Felt Lollipop Headband

Love By CC - Newborn Twin Newsboy hat's

Click Knits - Newborn Bunny Hat

Wooly Wishes - 2 hats & 2 blankets

Bean Bailey - 4 Newborn hat's

Angel's Purple Pantry - Silk/Wool Cocoon

Allie Kay Design's - 4 Newborn Beanies

Knit1PaintToo - Newborn Chin Strap Hat

ChicBeBe - $25 Gift Certificate

Darn Fancifull - $50 Gift Certificate

Maternity and Newborn Photography Prop Shop - 3 Pack Action Set

MiMi's Babies - Elephant Crochet Headband

Princess and the Pea Boutique - $25 Gift Certificate