Monday, September 5, 2011

court update

No court hearing today :o(

Our facilitator arrived this morning and went with us to our morning visit. We were all dressed and ready for our 11:45 court hearing just in case. While we visited Ivy she went to the court house to speak with the judge. I am not 100% all that she has been told about this judge but she seems very worried about him. She was not even sure he would speak to her. He did, and set a new hearing for this Friday.

I asked her how he seemed and she said ok. He allowed her to speak to him so that was a good sign. Apparently he is very moody and you just never know if you will get nice judge or mean judge. Pray we get nice judge!

So that is where we are. A little disappointing that we will be here for 4 weeks before even having court. This is not typical since our first delay was their independence day/holiday which meant people were out and not pushing our paperwork. Then of course this last incidence which is also not normal.

But at least we now have the approval letter we need and everything is straightened out. This is also good for the families soon following as they could all have been affected too. Our new gotcha day should be Tuesday the 20th(please nothing else come up!!) and we should be home that weekend. Can.Not.Wait!

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  1. Praise God for the part about clearing the way for the rest of us, so sorry it had to be you doing it! Ugh. I guess we will wait with you! :)