Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Rockin' her skinny jeans

Out of all our visits, only the last 2 from yesterday have been inside. Normally when they bring her to us they just say 'outside' and away we go. Since we had our facilitator with us on our visits yesterday she asked if we would like to go out or stay in. We opted to stay in so that we could play on the floor with Ivy and have a chance to see her in action. She can't get down outside so although we were told she crawls very fast and walks holding on to your hands, we hadn't a chance to see it yet. Plus the room is a little more private with no nannies wondering around watching.

With the privacy I felt more comfortable to try on some clothing to get a better idea of her size. The day before I held up her jeans to her and it must have been the position she was in but they looked like they would be huge on her! I was slightly freaking out because everything I brought is 12-18 month size and so is most everything at home for her. Alas, my instincts were correct and 12-18 months fits her perfect. She weighs all of nothing though so we definitely need to put some meat on her bones!

We finally got to see her get down and play and move! She does crawl very well and loves to practice her walking by doing laps around the room. She has a mind of her own and knows which way she wants to go. If you try to steer her any other way she protests with some squeals and grunts. She is also very observant and loves to watch our facial expressions. She loves to see herself in our video camera and smiles and points at herself. Definitely need to get her a mirror!

I'm happy to see she is eating solid food. We were told we can bring her bananas and cookies. So far she loves both! We love to watch her eat cookies because she nibbles so cute on it and when she gets to what would be the last bite she flips it and nibbles, flips and nibbles, until there is just a crumb left. I was worried when she got near the end she may try to shove it all in her mouth and choke but she does quite the opposite! I haven't got a real good look in her mouth but she seems to have several teeth on top and just a few on bottom.

She really is as happy as she looks in all her pictures. I believe she has been well taken care of and has bonded with some of the workers there. A few times she has seemed a little agitated but is very easy to calm down. Getting to know her has been so fun and I seriously can not wait to bust her out of there!

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