Saturday, August 13, 2011

We are rushing around like crazy people trying to get everything we need done, and get packed. Word of advice, do not wait until you get your SDA appt. to get the new bills you need to take. It could be short notice which will leave you scrambling. And I am making lists and scratching nothing off - I don't think that's a good sign, ha!

We will be flying out Sunday afternoon and reaching our destination Monday at 10:30 pm their time. Pretty much 24hrs of travel with one very long lay over. Ewes. We will have all day Tuesday to get situated in our apartment and do some sight seeing. Wednesday will be our SDA appointment where we will be shown Ivy's file and officially accept the referral to adopt her - sealing the match between us. It takes 24hrs to process the paperwork from that so we will pick it up Thursday sometime. That night we will take a 12 hr train ride to the city her orphanage is in, arriving Friday morning. I am not sure if we will go to our apartment there first or straight to meet her. Either way we should be meeting her that day. We will continue on with our visitations once daily except Sunday's until we are given a court date. Generally it takes about 2 weeks until we will go to court. Once that is over we have the option to return home during the mandatory 10 day wait or we can stay and continue our visitations. We haven't decided which we will do yet. There are pros and cons to each so we will just have to wait and see what feels right when we get there.

Prayer request's:
Safe travels for us.
Safety for our children at home.
A quick, smooth process.
That Ivy will bond with us and adapt to all the new changes that are about to happen for her.


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