Friday, June 24, 2011

We must wait

We will not make it to Ivy before her country closes adoptions temporarily. Our paperwork was not submitted yesterday, and even if it was, they are still not handing out any more travel dates. Only those families submitted in May will be able to continue before the closure. The good news is they are still submitting documents and hopefully ours will make it. There are 2 Thursdays(the only days they submit docs) left. If we are submitted that should keep us from having to redo all our paperwork and we will be one of the firsts to get a travel date when the new department opens. This is the best scenario now and what we are praying for, along with a speedy closure.

In the meantime we will enjoy the rest of summer and continue to prepare for Ivy. One thing I was really bummed about was possibly missing the kid's first day of school, and now I wont have to worry about that. Also airfare should be much cheaper since we will not be in peak traveling season. These really aren't consolations to leaving our girl to sit months more alone in her orphanage though, trying to find some bright sides.

If you are the praying kind, here are some specific requests:
-For Ivy's health while she waits.
-That someone will feed her, change her diaper, and give her some loving human contact each day.
-That God will protect her spirit and she will blossom once in our family.
-Our paperwork is submitted Thursday the 30th
-A quick closure.

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