Friday, June 17, 2011

It is done. Every single document we need in order to adopt Ivy is complete. Three months of paper chasing, phone calls, appointments, notarizing, faxing, shipping documents, and running here, there, and everywhere.

We drove them to Sacramento yesterday to have them apostilled(notary at state level) and then shipped off. First though, Rob prayed over them and asked God to keep them safe, arrive quickly, and most of all - grant us a miracle. Ivy's country is temporarily closing down adoptions beginning July 11th. That means our papers need to be submitted to her government on June 23rd and we need to receive a travel date very quickly. Things do not generally work that fast but we know that with God ALL things are possible. His ways - whether I like them or not, are better than my own. I absolutely do not like the thought of her sitting months more in an orphanage alone, especially when we are thisclose. But I must rest in His perfect plan, even when I don't understand. Please pray for our situation.

While we wait to see what happens we will prepare just in case. If we do get a travel date it will be quick and not leave us much time to get everything ready. I still need to paint Ivy's room and set everything up. She has a crib, bedding, dresser, and some clothes and toys. I still need to get a crib mattress, car seat, high chair, and more clothes and toys. The toys aren't that big of deal since she does have some and that isn't really a necessity. I was waiting to buy most clothes until we met her but would like to have more in case we only make one trip. I'm guessing she will be about 12-18 months size and have been buying mostly that.

We also need some more items for our trip like electronic things I dont know much about. I must have my flat iron so apparently we will need to get a converter for that and any other things we will be taking that need plugging in. Probably some luggage too since we are not regular world travelers.

So much to do with so little time, I hope!

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  1. Scary and exciting time for you guys! We will be praying for speedy delivery and appointments. What are the odds you only have to travel once?