Thursday, December 1, 2011

2 months HOME

Today marks 2 months home with our girl. She is doing an amazing job at figuring out what being in a family is all about. I cant say we have dealt with any major hurdles. She is bonding and attaching very well and seems quite cozy in her role as the littlest Lim.

I know the changes in Ivy are incredible since the day we first met her but sometimes I forget just how much until I go back and look at pictures and watch videos. In one video you can hear us being told how her legs are very weak and she can only sit.

They were.

But not anymore!

Girlfriend is on the move

And now there is no looking back!

Just a few days home and Ivy was taking her first steps. Within a couple of weeks she was toddling all over. I'm so glad she saved that milestone for us :) Really it just serves as a reminder all that these little ones are capable of when given the time and opportunity.

Not only has Ivy been busy perfecting her new found walking skills she has also mastered the English language learned 15 signs, plays peek-a-boo, gives high fives, waves hi/bye, gives hugs and kisses, blows kisses, and does about a million other things I find irresistibly cute. I am really blown away at how quickly she has picked up English. I can say pretty much anything and she responds appropriately. She loves to mimic everything we do and picks up on things very easy. She has learned a few signs that I have never taught her just from watching her signing DVD. We think she is a genius :)

Yesterday we had a well baby check up and Ivy has gained about 3 lbs and grown 1 in. since being home. I love how in one of the pictures above you can see some chub on her arm. When we first arrived home she went through a stage where she would only eat a few select things. Thankfully that was short lived and she is figuring out that veggies aren't so horrible.

We ended up with a wonderful sleeper, great eater, mostly happy, exceptionally cute, super smart, funny, amazing girl. She is worth it all - a million times over.

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