Saturday, October 15, 2011

Pictures from our flights home

We've been home 2 weeks today but it feels like so much longer. In a way, the whole thing feels like a dream and Ivy has always been with us. She is growing, learning, and changing so much already. I want to take the time and make separate posts about everything so I'll start this one with pictures from our journey home. A lot of it is on video and some are long so I'll have to edit them and add them later. But for now....

This is actually mid trip as we had already been going since 4am that morning. We left Kiev at 6:45am and flew to Munich Germany, had a 7 hr layover, and this is when we were boarding in Munich headed for Los Angeles.

In the big plane in Germany, ready to get the show on the road!

Sleeping during our long flight. Dont let this picture fool you, it only lasted a few minutes :)

In the USA!! Ivy officially became a US citizen!

We had a 4 hr layover in LA and thankfully we have family there so it was not time wasted. Ivy got to meet her grandma, grandpa, aunt, great aunt, great grandma, and cousin! This picture is with Rob's mom, otherwise known as Grandma Mary :)

With Auntie Stacey

Finally aboard our last flight home! Notice mommy and daddy still smiling but I think Ivy had had it. This was about 27 hrs into the trek home...

We are HOME and my other babies were just inside. I couldn't wait to kiss their little faces after 7 long weeks!

Meeting Grandma Debbie

Checking out big brother

Sisters <3

Lovies from Auntie Vanessa

Looking Auntie Alyssa over, thinking of ways to get her wrapped around her little finger.

Our family of 5 on August 14th - before the journey began

Our family on Oct. 1st the way God intended, with one amazing baby girl.

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