Saturday, July 9, 2011

Wonderful change of plans!!

We were told yesterday that Ivy's country will remain open to special needs adoptions during the closure. That means we will be getting a travel date in the next few weeks to go get our girl!!

This is a huge answer to prayer for all those little ones who will not have to wait months more to be rescued. It really is a race against time, as we are reminded by yet another death of a little one on Reece's Rainbow recently.

This leaves us scrambling a bit as we weren't expecting to travel for at least three more months. Soooo happy though!! Top priorities include: throwing my sisters bridal shower, getting the kids school supplies/clothes, finishing Ivy's room, preparing our rental for the new renters, making a hard cover photo album of our life/family to show to the judge, orphanage, and most importantly - Ivy!, and buying the last bit of Ivy's immediate needs. This does not include preparations for the trip itself. Oye, I just gave myself a stomach ache!

Hold on baby girl, mommy and daddy will be there SOON!!

No more being lonely.

No more days without hugs and kisses.

No more going hungry.

No more sitting in dirty diapers.

No more being forgotten.

Soon, you will be an orphan no more!


  1. I'm so glad things are looking up for you! I just read a beautiful (children's) book about a young Korean adoptee - "Goyangi Means Cat" and how the friendship of the family cat helps her to feel at home. Of course I thought of the Lims :)

  2. How sweet!! We may just have to get that one! :o)