Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Just a quick update....

Things are crazy busy around here lately! Lots of end of the year activities combined with a fundraiser = ahhhhh!

The first wonderful, awesome, exciting thing is that we raised $2000 in our auction held last week!! I was hoping for just $1000 but God in His amazing provisions doubled it!

Second, we were able to get our finger prints done for immigration approval this morning. For those not familiar with the process, that means once this clears we can send our paperwork and be issued a travel date! We will be finishing up the last of our paper work in the next couple weeks and hopefully will be getting our immigration approval around the same time.

This is becoming more real, folks!


  1. That is so exciting!!!! Can't wait to hear you have approval!

  2. A big, BIG, thank you to everyone who made the auction a success. Grandma cannot wait til Ivy is actually home. I am overwhelmed by your kindness to my family.