Monday, April 25, 2011

USCIS approval and lots of paperwork

We were able to complete our homestudy last week. The first major step done! Our homestudy, along with some other documents, were sent to the department of justice. We were able to have our pediatrician write a letter asking for expedited approval in the best interest of Ivy. Hopefully that will carry some weight and we will get a fingerprinting appointment and approval soon. The slow end of the process takes about 2 months - hopefully ours will go much quicker. While we are waiting for our immigration approval we will be working on our dossier. That is a huge packet of documents that each need to be notarized and apostilled. Some are documents that we need other's to fill out, such as proof of home ownership and medical forms from our dr.

I must interject a huge blessing report here. In the state of CA each notary signature is $10. Most documents are for Rob and I to sign so essentially $20/document. That will quickly add up! I was searching online this morning for a traveling notary to come with us to our dr's office and to the county assessor. There were a few in our area so I picked one. I called her and explained what I needed and what is was for. I had the opportunity to share my blog with her. She emailed me later and said she was touched by our story and would be happy to volunteer all notary services including travel. Can we say Amen Hallelu-yer! What a blessing!

We have been working on our dossier for about a week now and honestly, it feels like having a full time job! Not only the time it takes to track everyone down and explain what you need, but everything is so specific! If one thing is not correct we will be asked to redo the document. This can cost quite a bit of time and money-so lets pray everything is done right the first time! And, for the first time in my life I had to fill in a planner just to keep track of all our appointments and phone calls that needs to happen this week. I think when its all said and done I wont know what to do with myself. Oh wait.....I'll have Ivy to keep me busy :o)


  1. We are just beginning to collect everything for our home-study and it's overwhelming...and we both have full time jobs too! Hoping by doing it this way we will have everything together for the dossier. Prayers for Ivy, and would love to talk/email soon to compare notes!

  2. Hello,
    God bless and good wishes on your journey adding the sweet child to your family. I was reading your blog and came upon something I was not aware of. you mentioned that among the paper work was a document proving you owned your home. This concerns me as my wife and I currently rent our home. does this rule out the ability to adopt?
    God Bless!
    Alan Shulver